Monday, 3 December 2012

Sew Blissfull

The name of the blog has changed! I was thinking Sew Blissfully Happy was starting to sound a bit twee and also rather lengthy for making up labels as I know now I want to sell my goods too. So I have shortened it to Sew Blissfull which is a bit more manageable I think. What do you think?

One of my good friends came to visit us yesterday and knowing it was her birthday today, I wanted to make her a little present. So I pulled the thought of a lavender heart out of my project arsenal as I know it is something which would fit into her lovely country chic flat in Edinburgh.

I had a big bag of dried lavender in the kitchen for a few days before I made these hearts and it was just a heavenly smell. I cut, sewed, glued and stuffed and here are the two hearts that I made.

The other one has been snaffled by the husband to help him sleep at night! There are a couple of mistakes in the design of it but with a few more practices and tweaking I will have something I am happy with and will be happy to put on my Etsy and Folksy stalls.

For the first time, I'm linking through to Handmade Monday which is really exciting. Check out the other blogs and I hope to see you there again in future weeks.

As a postscript to the blog, I have just made the link to Handmade Monday and didn't realise I should have selected an image of something I had made so apologies, you have my banner instead. Lesson learned and know what to do next time!



  1. Cute hearts. It's a bit confusing when you first add to a link. My computer has a mind of its own and has sometimes picked it's own photo. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali, thanks so much for your confirmation that technology goes awry from time to time. Entering blog land is exciting but so much technology stuff for little old me! Getting there slowly but surely though. Look forward to seeing your posts in future.

  2. Welcome to Handmade Monday - I love it here. Your heart looks wonderful and no doubt smells amazing too. I like the layering of hearts.

  3. Hello! Many thanks for your welcome. I love the Advent Stockings that you made for your children. I made some which I sold through Etsy this year but they were made out of felt. Such a lovely idea to have them up the stairway! I'm looking forward to more Handmade Mondays!