Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Burp cloths

Here is the other work in progress project I have been working on. A couple of my friends have recently had new babies and so I wanted to give them something that I had made. I had in my head an idea of an all-purpose cloth along the lines of burp cloths you find on Etsy and Folksy. Looking online though, I didn't quite find a pattern that matched what I was wanting.

So I found some fun cloth and some pretty cloth and have backed them with towelling. The towelling means that you can wipe up pretty much any mess your baby throws at you (literally as well as metaphorically!) and you can deal with it straight away. I have also divided the cloth into three with stitched lines as this makes it easy to fold up and pop into your bag.

I have been using the prototypes for quite a few weeks now and I'm surprised how much I use it. My 'yummy mummy' change bag's handle broke a few weeks ago so I'm back to using my pre-baby handbag and so only have room for the essentials. I have this cloth in my bag along with baby wipes and a spare nappy and it fits in just perfectly. On the loooong journey up to Applecross in October it was great as a changing mat on the backseat of the car when it came to nappy time and it's also invaluable as an extra toy to pull out when out and about as J loves cloths!

I have finally listed them on Etsy and have put the option of choosing your own combination as when I was giving them to my friends I just could not decide if they should be a set of matching prints or different prints so have left that to the customer to decide what they would like!

Hubby is out tonight so I will use the time to change the photos of my Christmas items and update my logo on Etsy, Blog etc. It's an absolutely gloriously sunny day today but very cold, looks like snowing tomorrow so time to hunker down.

NB photos to come later today once I have resized them to be smaller as they aren't wanting to load at the moment!

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