Friday, 23 November 2012

I'm going to try selling tomorrow....

Well I have a Christmas fair tomorrow where I am selling my books so I thought I would make a few bits and bobs to put on the table and see how my handmade goods were received by the general public. It has been a great spur to make projects that have been in my head and I want to realise them.

So.....Here are my Christmas Tree and Bauble decorations. I spent my free time when we were at my mother-in-law's house before the funeral sewing up all those little goodies. I took the photo this morning as they were sparkling away on the kitchen window in the morning sun.


And here are a couple of tea light holders which I thought would be quite fun to make.

If I have time this afternoon, I'm also going to try to do some Christmas cards but not holding out for that!
Oooo, quite exciting yet quite terrifying as I haven't really told anyone locally that I'm trying to sell my own things... Let's see how I get on.....


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